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Anime Franchises That Needs New Games of Their Own

Rate this Article A lot of anime are well suited to be turned into video games. These usually have settings and characters fit to have rulesets for playing. Different genres apply to various animated titles better than others, here we present ideas for possible future releases!
MMO Square - Anime Franchises That Needs New Games of Their Own

Finding two things that go seamlessly well together is rare and far between. It takes so much experimentation and time investment to see if it will work. One example of such a wonderful concoction is anime and video games! The world of Japanese animation holds so many jaw-dropping stories that lend themselves well to developing interesting gameplay mechanics.

Many titles out there are currently available to get the gaming treatment. It is because of their themes, characters, world, and a hundred other little things deserving buckets full of attention. Here are some who could use a new coat of paint by being translated to a different genre.


Number 1: 86

On a planet not so different from our own, pockets of human civilization attempt to survive an Artificial Intelligence controlled drone army trying to exterminate them. The only ones standing in their way are brave soldiers composed of citizens from the severely discriminated 86th district. These fighters pilot highly mobile combat vehicles that bear resemblance to spider-like insects called juggernauts.

A science-fiction military mecha tale like this is perfect for a strategy role-playing game! The juggernauts can be customized in various ways to fine-tune damage, defense, or mobility. The pilots can also possess special skills and should have bonuses when fighting together with specific teammates.

My Dress-up Darling

Number 2: My Dress-up Darling

This is a slice-of-life anime focusing on cosplay. The story revolves around Gojo, a future traditional doll maker artisan, and Marin, a newbie cosplayer, as they work together to improve each other’s skills. It is wholesome and informative at the same time. There are a lot of interesting side characters that bring different things to the table.

A fashion dress-up game would be just right for this one with a hint of light novel inserted for good measure. Players can help make clothes for Marin to enter in competitions. Gojo can be the self-insert avatar for the gamers and have his point of view for most things. There can also be a photo feature where the image is rated by how cute the outfit is and be submitted to social media.

Jobless Reincarnation

Number 3: Jobless Reincarnation

Rudeus, an adult shut-in dies in his original world and starts a new life in a different magical plane. This new place is a medieval high fantasy setting with magic, bizarre creatures, and lots of adventure to be found. Here he meets fascinating people that teach him life skills and help him become a better person.

A massive multiplayer open-world RPG is begging to have this kind of setting with a well-established location. A lot of systems can work thanks to quality worldbuilding and heavily thought out magic rules. There are also multiple factions that could cater to anyone with a particular set of tastes. Various MMO classes will feel at home here and notable skills from the anime can be player abilities to be used by everyone!

There should be more examples out there and here are some possibilities today. New titles pop out every now and then so let us hope a release happens soon!

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