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Which Movie Franchises Do We Want to See a Game from Most?

Rate this Article From all the blockbusters of the decade, which movie are you most excited to see being turned into a video game? MMO Square - Which Movie Franchises Do We Want to See a Game from Most?

The world of film adaptions into video games cuts both ways. For every Goldeneye, we have ten E.T the Extra-Terrestrial’s; for every Riddick, we have a Superman 64, and for every Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005), we have a Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017).

Some film series, though, never make the jump from silver screen to LCD monitor, which got us thinking – which movie franchises without major modern representation in gaming do we want to see most? Whatever the case, at least we can play online games which cover many other properties. The gaming band Lottoland, for instance, carries games based on The Three Musketeers, Halloween and Planet of the Apes, while mobile platforms like Android boast licensed titles from Jurassic World and Ice Age, among hundreds of other franchises.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

This is one we couldn't help but think of all the way through watching this film. In essence, the movie is about as close to a video game as could be, despite not being a video game based film. It’s like running the same absurdly difficult level over and over again, right up until you know the placement of every enemy, every weapon, and every power-up.

While we have seen an average mobile game based on this property, what we want is a real full release on a major console or PC. As for how this would work, we can’t help but think of how the more traditional Hitman games play out. With each Hitman stage, you are given an enormous playground, and it is only with repetition where you can learn the best placement and strategy. Crank up the difficulty, and you have a game which could be a great fit for speed-runners and traditional gamers both.


The Avengers

The MCU currently stands as the most profitable film franchise on the planet, and this is probably of no surprise. What is unusual is that we still don't have a major PC or console release based on this property. We have a lot of small games based on the individual members, sure, and games based off of the comic Avengers team, yet none that aim to accurately interpret the film characters into the world of gaming.

We’re thinking that a team based game is obvious, with hordes of aliens or Ultron-clones being the most likely candidates for the enemies. Set in New York or the floating Sokovia as a stage, throw in a few boss fights with the likes of Thanos, and a wide range of abilities and character individuality and we're in.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

A film series based on a concept which is effectively the survival genre distilled; it’s a wonder we haven’t yet seen this successful series of novels and films make the leap to the gaming world. We’re thinking there could be a couple of avenues here, the first being shorter game-play sessions similar to PUBG or Fortnite, where quick thinking and quicker action is key.

Alternatively, the game could be played out in longer sessions for something like Rust, where buildings and traps could play an increasingly important part. Work with others, backstab them, or stick together until the final moments, the choice should be up to you.

We imagine, within a couple of years, all of these will have the representation they deserve, as gaming only keeps getting bigger. As for whether or not they will be worth playing, well that is a lot more difficult to predict.

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