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How Has the End of the Pandemic Affected the Online Gaming Industry?

Rate this Article The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every industry, but gaming, in particular, emerged in a rather favorable position. MMO Square - How Has the End of the Pandemic Affected the Online Gaming Industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented, and it disrupted almost every industry. Online gaming was also affected by the pandemic, but it may be one of the only sectors to emerge in a better position. Gaming was one of the few pastimes that continued to be accessible during the quarantines.

There have been a few fluctuations, but overall, the industry’s performance was positive. Read on for the specifics.


Video games and online gaming, in general, have been gaining popularity for decades, and there is no sign that the pandemic has hindered that. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Gamers tend to play more often than they did before the outbreak, but people haven’t simply been playing more often. They have also begun to play on more devices. Due to social distancing regulations and lockdowns, the public has spent more time at home, leading to more game releases and more playing. Playing video games allowed people to connect with their friends or strangers and alleviate the feeling of isolation.

Pro Gaming

Pro game matches

In recent years more people have chosen pro-gaming as a viable career choice. The pandemic has allowed gamers the time to try and sharpen their skills and break into this industry. The pro gaming landscape as a whole has seen some developments in the last year. Twitch –an online platform for viewers to watch pro gamers play their favorite games live – saw a massive increase in viewers last year. For the gamers who stream on twitch, this can mean a dramatic increase in income. Tournaments are also one of the main ways pro gamers make their money, but obviously, in-person tournaments haven’t been possible. However, this didn’t stop them altogether. Many were held online, allowing them to still go ahead.

Online Gambling

One facet of the gaming industry that is often overlooked is online gambling, which was also affected by the pandemic. Interest rose as a result as people sat at home looked for excitement and fun. It can be challenging for newcomers to find their ideal place to play when they are just starting, which accounts for the need for online casino reviews. Players can learn more from these Online Casino Review guides to find out more about how to make the most of their time playing. Online gambling is another industry sector that has seen an increase in revenue over the last year, thanks to the pandemic.

Developers and Publishers

Arguably Covid-19 has had the most considerable effect on the companies that make the games. Some areas of the industry are thriving, and some not so much. Game sales reached their highest figure in over a decade during the pandemic. With more people playing, the makers of games, consoles, and even accessories benefit from astronomical sales.

However, things have not been as positive for games still in their developmental stage. Due to restrictions caused by the virus, some developers have had to postpone the release of their games as they need more time to finish them. Some video games that had highly anticipated releases faced delays, which cost the developers money.

Long-Term Effects

Apart from Amazon and Google, Microsoft is also doing what it can

The increased interest in gaming sparked by the pandemic will likely accelerate the shift – which is already underway- towards the usage of cloud and mobile-based game delivery. Giant corporations such as Google and Amazon are now pumping money into their cloud-based gaming services. This holds massive potential for gamers in the coming years as all they would need is an internet connection to play. Next is the increase of monetization in response to the overwhelming demand for entertainment through gaming.

Services are beginning to offer subscriptions to allow a player to access a whole host of games for a fee. Some developers are choosing to make their games free but install in-game purchases to try and entice more people to pay to play. Thirdly, there is also an expected expansion to merge different areas of the entertainment industry more often. The most recent example is Fortnite. Fortnite broke out of its niche and entered the mainstream, and as such, the game hosted live concerts and premiered new content by artists and directors. In the future, more collaborative efforts like this are expected as media companies see to take advantage of the popularity that gaming now has.


Despite some challenges, the pandemic was pretty positive for the industry. Like most industries, some adaptations have been necessary, such as developers working from home and slower supply chains, but the spike in sales may well have compensated for that. Lockdown has had more seasoned players honing their craft and encouraging new players to have a go. The pandemic may have brought some industries to their knees but not online gaming – in fact, it could turn out to be a pivotal time for them.

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