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Why Total Battle is So Much Fun to Play?

Rate this Article Total Battle is the talk of the town due to its amazing visuals, exciting story line and awesome features. A detailed look into the game play shows the top notch entertainment this game has to offer. MMO Square - Why Total Battle is So Much Fun to Play?

Total Battle is one of the most addicting MMO Strategy games out there with millions of users playing it every day. This article discusses the amazing features that make the game play so awesome.

The most important part of any game is its storyline that attracts the audience and keeps them entertained. Total Battle offers a brilliant story line set in the medieval ages in a world full of monsters, giants, skilled heroes and even dragons. You have to raise your own empire from scratch and embark on an amazing adventure to conquer kingdoms rich with valuable resources.

You get to enjoy an immersive management experience in the game play as well. As the king or queen of your own empire, you have to manage your resources and build buildings like farmer’s house, silver mansions, stone cutter market, lumber warehouses and more. Moreover, the game also gives you full control over your army as you can recruit troops in barracks, train them and research new weapons and skills in the research academy as well.

The developers take the fun up a notch and introduce an epic feature of crafting in Total Battle. You can explore crypts available in the game for valuable loot that ca then be used to craft special items for your heroes. These items can upgrade your hero’s attributes and can help you defeat the toughest of armies in the game.

Total Battle features a purely strategic battle system in which you have to choose the best army against your enemies. A huge variety of different monsters are roaming your empire, posing a threat to your citizens. You have to make sure that you choose the right troops, be it archers, swordsmen, horse riders, spear heads or fire breathing dragons. The game features giants to hunt down, enemy empires to raid and armies to defeat.

The fun doesn’t end here. You also get to join a guild or create your own from scratch. Simply invite your friends to the game or make new ones by sending them an easy in-game friend request. Conquering a vast empire on your own can be a bit tricky. Therefore, you can be a part of a guild and enjoy the collective benefits it has to offer to all members. Guild members can not only exchange free gifts with each other, they can also send their own troops to help out a fellow member in need.

To top it all, Total Battle features the most detailed graphics you will find in an online MMO game. You get to enjoy a scenic empire with realistically detailed buildings. Moreover, battles are quite a sight as you see troops fighting till their last breath, dragons breathing fire and amazing weapons wreaking havoc upon the enemies.

Summing it all up, if you are looking for a fun MMO strategy game that you can never get bored of, Total Battle is the answer to all your questions. With its stunning graphics and a highly detailed game play, it really is a marvel in the sea of online games.

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